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Growing with Farlin

Mosquito patch ni comel kan, ada rupa2 Mikael! Haha. Btw Mikael suka pegi playground, so we never forget mosquito patch! Selalu patch Mikael suka main, cabut and suka hati tampal sana sini, but this one, dia letak tak cabut-cabut,maybe sebab macam muka dia. Haha

Little that i know how easy to get baby needs with one brand, which Farlin! By the way,ya Mikael not that baby anymore, boy grows so fast.

Tak perlu susah payah fikir nak beli botol yang mana, sudu yang mana, berus gigi, liquid for bottle and food wash. Semua Farlin dah ada. Mana nak cari Farlin product? Mestilah the one and only happikiddo store!

Reviewed by Ain Syafiqah

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