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Grab and go bath seat for baby

Little pao looked so happy after a refreshing bath!

Okay so real talk, since my husband and I travel a lot regardless for work or leisure, we always encountered this one problem - How and where to bathe the baby?

Well of course the most practical way of giving him bath is either in the sink or the hotel bathtub. But, that tend to be quite challenging since he can't sit upright without a proper support just yet.

So we decided to get this murmur bath stand and konjac sponge. Why ? Because its soo handy and easy to use. Like literally just place the stand in the sink or bathtub and shower

away! We bought the konjac sponge because he has so many creases that needed to be cleaned, this sponge is soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin. Extra clean for little pao.

We bring this everywhere we go now because it's travel-friendly! Yippeee!

Reviewed by Nadya Sani

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