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Farlin baby bottle cleaning range

Did you know that wrong straw/feeding bottle handling can lead to the accumulation of germs that can cause infections to our little ones? We can avoid that by washing the bottle

after each use, using the right tools.

The first tool that we need is the right baby liquid cleanser. We choose Farlin baby bottle liquid cleanser because it is eco-friendly and the ingredients sourced naturally (food-grade certified by FDA). It is safe without worrying about harmful chemicals and fragrances. Plus, it is anti-bacterial too! It is also suitable for everyday use - washing fruits/ vegetables and toys.

The second tool we need is the brush that giving straws a thorough clean. With this Farlin thin and long brush design, it allows us to scrub the inside of the straw from top to

bottom and dislodge any nasty stuff inside. Really recommended!

Note : Farlin Straw Training Cup ni sangat best. Non spill and got ‘pemberat’ dekat bawah straw, so that easy utk Qaiser minum walaupun air tinggal sikit. Straw tu akan ikut arah Qaiser minum. Berbeza dengan straw bottle lain yang straw dia did not follow the bottle lean angle, susah untuk minum lagi2 kalau air dah nak habis and Qaiser tak reti lagi tak dapat minum air kalau Qaiser.

Reviewed by Qusyaire Ezwan

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