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Family who eats together, stays together

I realized as Syarif gets older, he has become more interested in joining us during meal times. Be on the same table, eating and drinking like a grown-up!

We figured out we could use a good booster chair for Syarif so that he can enjoy the meal together with us as a family. The Summer Infant Sit ‘n Style Booster is definitely a suitable product that meets our requirements because it is affordable, very easy to clean, can be folded up, easy to bring anywhere for travelling and it’s also easy for us to transform as feeding seat.

We also got the Munchkin trainer cup, which is absolutely amazing. It helps prevent spills and easy for Syarif to handle and teach himself how to drink from a cup. It has wild-love design animals for example fox, polar bear, whale. Syarif loves the cup because it’s easy to bring anywhere and it’s also easy to clean.

Reviewed by Hidayah Roslee

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