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Family time is the best time!

Everytime I saw this Twistee Car in the web, it got me wondering best ke tak? So tempted to get it! Little did I know, this car boleh load 120kg total of weight with its wide rear seat! Means kita pon boleh main haha! Okay fine, with Yusuf on it too, I just gotta maintain my weight.

The strong base structure built for this Twistee Car is the main reason it can load so much weight. Interesting kan? With its steering yang senang manoeuvre, Yusuf duduk terus tahu how to play with it. Yeay!

The main wheels light up as you move along and this Twistee Car ada Rollover Prevention Wheels at the front, kot lah Yusuf drive laju sangat takdelah dia tergolek kan? Haha!

Adding on Lolly Gummy Twistee Car to Yusuf’s “car” collection but this time Ibu and Abi can play together! Give it a try at Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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