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Full-time working mum of one Hidayah reviews the B&B essentials range:

B&B Skin Protection Laundry Detergent

Smell: It doesn’t have strong chemical smell or very strong fragrance when poured. Detergent doesn’t have slippery soapy feeling while scrub on the fabric but have lots of bubble. After washing, hands won’t feel dry plus the cap of the detergent has measurement guide which makes it easy to estimate how much to pour. Overall it's a nice detergent for babies with sensitive skin and also for mums or dads who do the


B&B Stain Remover

The stain remover gets its stain-removing power from orange extract, natural and is not bleach based. No harsh chemicals, no fluorescent, no phoshate. A powerful stain remover that works on tea, mud, chocolate, food, especially urine.

B&B Baby Toothpaste Gel Type

This toothpaste gel is suitable for 2 to 4 years old. It comes with two fruit flavours, namely Grape and Strawberry. It has zero chemicals, no colouring pigments and fluoride-free. Safe to be swallowed and SLS free too. Syarif likes the grape because of the smell and it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

B&B Laundry Soap For Stain Removal (Rosemary) For Toddler

What I love most about this laundry soap is it can be brought anywhere and everywhere. Because of the small size, it fits in our luggage. This soap has an aromatherapy to encourage deep sleep and can elimate stubborn stains with natural enzyme. We can wash them instantly in the sink too.

B&B Laundry Soap For Anti-Bacterial (Lavender) For Ladies

This laundry soap, made of 98% soap flakes, helps to protect skin and even mum’s hands when doing laundry. Anti-bacterial, it doesn't leave any detergent residues on the clothes, perfect for adult underwear. This product uses 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

Reviewed by Hidayah Roslee

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