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Ergonomic baby chair for extended use from 3mo to 5yo

The Jellymom Wise Chair is probably one of the most value-for-money feeding chair we have gotten for Mayla.

The design is ergonomic with a cushioned seat supporting the crotch area, thus promoting good sitting posture for babies from a very young age. The seat cushion, tray and headrest are removable for every stage of baby's development for use from as young as 3 months old all the way to her toddler stage and beyond about 5 years old!

We can either put Mayla on the floor or strap it around a chair for dining as a family. The cushion is also made of anti-bacterial, easy to wipe clean material.

One chair, various ways of use, five years of lifespan with possibility of passing on to the next sibling. What's not to love?

Reviewed by Mohammad Affiq

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