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Entertained baby, happy mummy!

Time flies so fast , he's already half a year old. Part of me can't wait to see him grow and another just begging for him to stay this way.

So, little love just turned 6 months about 5 days ago and I noticed how he liked to spend some time alone exploring new things, observing his fingers, grabbing nearby objects,

inserting things into his mouth. He even liked to be put down instead of picked up now. Kind of bummed me a little but hey, I guess that's the process of growing up right?

Since he developed a new "hobby/ self-made activity" now, we got this Musical Arch Owl by Taf Toys to keep him entertained plus he gets to improve his sensory and hearing skills. I like how it can be installed on his stroller, carseat, Mamaroo basically anywhere that can fit the clip it came with. It's so practical and super cute to see him play too.

Reviewed by Nadya Sani

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