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Ensuring your baby's safety during bathtime

I always have this fear of slipping in the bathroom while carrying or bathing baby, simply because bathroom floors are usually wet and the tiles can be slippery. The traditional

way of bathing babies that I have seen is where the mother/caretaker would set up the baby bathtub on the floor with a stool next to it. However, I thought this was unsafe because

one might lose balance while squatting and getting up from the stool and also, for someone who did a C-section delivery like myself, this would not be conducive for my


So what's amazing about the Rotho bathtub set is that it comes with a stand! This also ties back to what the nurse in the hospital had advised, which was that babies should be

bathed in the bedroom, if possible, so that there is less risk of slipping.

Our baby Taika loves his bath time in the Rotho bath tub! My mom, who has been helping out to bathe him has exclaimed at how much easier it is to bathe the baby when there is a stand! The rotho bath tub set also comes with an accompanying seat so that baby can lay down comfortably while you bathe him and draining tube to empty the tub out easily and quickly!

No fuss, no hassle and most importantly, safe for me and for baby.

Reviewed by Li May

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