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Distracting little ones for a bath!

Current toughest phase in toddlerhood: Get IN the bath and get OUT from the bath. Irony, ay?

Everytime I tell him “It’s bath time!!” , zaaaasssss he ran off! but once he is inside the bathroom, it takes gazillion years for him to come out. We had to use few tricks to get Yusuf IN and OUT the bath. Not much of a water baby for a water-born baby haha!

One of the tricks is definitely the very “distractingly" colourful bath toys! I love toys that offer multiple uses in early learning. Yookidoo Bath Toys; Musical Duck Race and Submarine Spray Station, both help to enhance fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, an enjoyable sensory play through water and introduce cause and effect learning for your little ones!

Musical Duck Race has some music once you turn it on, also a mute button if you just wanna watch the duck busy racing each other. Interesting, no? Each duck has it unique water spraying effect everytime you put it on the fountain!

Submarine Spray Station on the other is a little tricky for Yusuf as it requires his fine motor skills to press the side buttons on the diver’s head in order to get the water flow out. What Yusuf doesn’t know is that, once I press the submarine button on, it will automatically let the

water flows non-stop! Hehe, he’ll figure out that soon.

Gotta be honest, I was pretty engrossed myself playing these for a solid 10 minutes!

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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