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Deep sleep from day 1

I am so excited and thrilled waiting for the arrival of my second child, I can’t wait to experience and try new things that I did not get to try with Jebat ; including different kind of must-haves and (hopefully) helpful baby products ; and one of it has to be this ergonomic nest Cocoonababy from Happikiddo. Because I looked forward to use a mattress that is easy to be move around the house; something that is simple, portable and lightweight. (Hoping that my trip to the toilet will be so much easier after this! 😝 One of the other reasons why I chose CocoonaBaby is because of its good reviews especially on how it helps a newborn to adapt smoothly to life after birth and provides the help required for the baby to sleep comfortably (because of its womb-like design) and we all know that the newborn phase is such an important stage when sleep is so valued and will later helped in establishing their sleeping patterns and habits. Cocoonababy can be used up until your baby starts attempting to roll or change position. I simply can’t wait to share more on my own experience with it once the baby is here! And hoping that it’d help me and my baby in settling down smoothly.

Reviewed by Nabila

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