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Dalpong cosy baby apparel

I realised that a good night sleep is really important for babies. It really makes a difference to their mood and behaviour. One thing I noticed, whenever J gets a good sleep, she wakes up with a huge smile on her face. She’s the happiest in the morning. It all probably comes

down to how I dress her at night as one of the factors.

I’ve tried a few brands and yet I find Dalpong sleepsuit has the best quality. It's made from 100% high quality cotton. The material is washing-machine friendly. It’s also stretchable which makes it easy for J to move around since she is in a phase of rolling over.

The buttons are parents-friendly too. It is super easy to button and unbutton. And of course they have the cutest design. I’m thinking of getting another pair already.

Dalpong also carries the cutest collection of newborn dimple pillow. The pillow helps to prevent baby’s head from becoming flat. The gentle elevation of the Dalpong pillow provides an optimal base for baby’s head, neck and shoulder, safeguarding a baby’s steady growth. It’s durable and design for super comfort.

Happy baby, happy mummy! All available at Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Jaja Mahdzir

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