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Carrier in a flash

Mini Monkey Sling is the smallest & lightest baby carrier in the world! The best solution to working daddies out there. You can just bring it along in your bag or even your back pocket.

The breathable mash fabric is one of my favourite features because baby won’t sweat while in it. Well this feature will keep daddy’s shirt dry too! This feature allows my baby to sleep comfortably on my chest. The waterproof material is also great for outdoor activities as for me, I use this carrier to bring my elder child sister to the park while my baby is carried. No hassle of pushing a stroller with one hand while chasing the little ones. I'll just keep the carrier inside my back pocket while walking with the girls. Easy!

It comes in plain colours and also camouflage design. More options available in Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Mohammad Affiq

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