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Bye bye, bottle!

I think it's time to break the bond before the time Herman gets into a groove with his bottle. Below are the reasons why I think getting rid of baby bottle is important :

• Lower risk of tooth decay in baby teeth • More likely to gain a healthy weight on solids • More likely to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals • Lower risk of anemia or iron deficiency I'm planning to start with a slow-and-easy approach, start by eliminating the midday bottle first, then the morning bottle, and finally the evening bottle with a sipping bottle then slowly switch to an open cup. Therefore, a suitable sipping bottle plays a big role in this and I came across this Grosmimi baby bottles from Happikiddo which are quite suitable for his current situation. What I love about these bottles is that they are anti-spill. The opening of the teat is nicely cut to hold milk from spilling but of course if the teat tears from excessive biting, it tends to spill too. We are usually not home during his midday feed so Herman usually drinks while sitting down. So he can drink with the tube attached and also the tube can be detached if he chooses to drink while lying down. We own 2 bottles from Gosmimi which are the PPSU Functional Straw Cup 300ml and the Stainless Steel Functional Straw Cup 200ml. I prefer to use stainless steel cup when we are out and about as Herman gets distracted easily and this will help in keeping his drink warm.

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