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Breastfeeding mamas' must-have!

Mikael’s favourite thing to do now is to bite, bite and bite every single thing he puts in his mouth. Oh yes it's the teething season for this Sir Bites-A-Lot. Sometimes I feel like I’m nursing a piranha (ok that’s to much) but still, it hurts!

So to save my holy grail from cracking or worst, bleeding… I’d lather a pea-size amount of HPA Lanolin from Lansinoh on my nips after nursing and before shower. It's so soothing, also made safe for baby so I don’t have to wipe it off before nursing Mikael. I even apply some to my lips for extra moisture (it's good for both baby and daddy too!)

I personally love the Lansinoh nursing pads too because they are so soft and thin yet super absorbent! This is a total life-saver for us lactating mommas!

Before this, I’d always have to order Lansinoh online (from Amazon) because it’s a US product, up until I find out that Happikiddo is selling them too! YES!

Reviewed by Nadya Sani

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