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Baby wipes: A mummy's BFF!

As a mother, wet wipes are literally my best friend!

Been using this Pigeon hand and mouth wipes since RA started eating. I love it because it is free from alcohol, soft and gentle on RA’s skin. Apart from using it for his hands and face, I use it to wipe his utensils, pacifier and just about anything, really.

Mummy’s hand icky? Wipe. Daddy spilled his coffee? Wipe. Talk about multipurpose.

Usually for travelling or outing, I will bring the travel pack but tak sempat beli so I just bring the big one. Lagi puas pakai (also because sometimes I will curi some to use for myself hihi.)

PS: The Pigeon Mag Mag Straw Cup mug is also a must! Its petite size is perfect for travelling (his other sippy cups are too bulky), BPA free and the straw is cross-cut which means NO leaks or drips!

Both available at Happikiddo.

Reviewed by Wahidah Othman

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