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Baby's OOTD - where comfort meets style

Our little prince has been eating and sleeping well. Therefore, he can now fit into his new set of clothes! Hallo my flower boy!

Super cute cause it is a three piece outdoor set - leggings, onesie and outer layer to keep him warm while we are out in air-conditioned cafes. And then when we retire at home,

hurhur, just don a nightcap, put on mittens and he's ready for bed! Aiyo, too cute, mummy cannot tahan. Got ball on top of the nightcap somemore.

Fella is literally sleeping on cloud 9. Our chubby cheeks is all decked out and sleeping on Dalpong products! It's a Korean brand that specialises in high quality baby clothes

and bedding. You can find different designs at Happikiddo!

Happy shopping!

Reviewed by Ng Li May

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