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Baby diapers & wet wipes you can trust

We recently tried out the K-Mom range after hearing rave reviews about it. Glad to report that we are a new fan! The K-Mom Organic Wipes contains 99.8% water and organic ingredients. Free of harmful chemicals, we can use them to clean hands and mouth. It's so safe that it doesn't have a scent and won't leave an aftertaste on baby's mouth! No more sticky or soapy feeling of residues left behind like those sold in the market.

We also tried the K-Mom disposable diapers. Soft, thin yet highly absorbent, these are one of the best I have ever tried. The quality is premium, and it does look comfortable with good air flow for my baby's skin. Easy to pull up and down, great to kickstart the idea of potty training to my toddler. No leak too, so thumbs up. We used it for day and night with no issues at all. Very cute dual designs in a pack too. Love it!

Reviewed by Diana Syaqina

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