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Baby bath time hack

I was taught the traditional way of bathing my baby from my confinement lady.

I remember the first few times I failed to bathe baby Max, my hand slipped from supporting his neck and he dropped into the water for a second.

From that day onwards, I became stressed out every time I bathed him. He would cry non-stop from the start. I guess he felt very insecure with the way I held him.  With Murmur ergonomic design bath stand, he can FINALLY relax and enjoy his bath. Most importantly, he feels secure and comfortable. 

Bath time is so easy peasy now! It comes with the suction cover at the bottom to prevent slipping. It can also be placed in washbasin to clean your baby.

If you are first-time mum, I highly recommend this Murmur bath stand.

Reviewed by Rachel Chew

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