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Akarana Baby Piri is the way to GO!

I am a sucker for baby gear even way before I had my own child. Always eyeing on carseats, strollers and baby carriers!

With Khalila, we always have to think about how to make our outings enjoyable, which doesn’t involve her screaming. Be fast in everything we do while we’re out, is the way to go. Shop, fast. Makan, fast. For that, baby carrier comes in handy! And we choose Akarana Baby - Piri Baby Hipseat Carrier. 

Living up to the name: All-in-One Piri Baby Hipseat Carrier is designed for parents to carry their babies in 6 different styles. 

- Baby carrier: Frog-legged face-to-face, face out and back position

- Hipseat: frog-legged face-to-face, face out or side position.

Also one thing that I noticed about this brand is that, the material and design make the carrying feels lighter than other carriers than I have tried before - especially when I carry Khalila in baby carrier style without the hipseat.

I know I’ll be using this until Khalila is big enough to be a sister, maybe or we can pass down to her younger siblings in the future too because it is suitable from age 3m - 36m and up to 20kg!

On a side note, we also got the Akarana Baby Beanie. It's comfort meet style! The fabric is super light, soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and breathable. Suitable for babies 0-18m, I love how cute the double faux fur pom-pom are on top of the beanie! Ready for winter holiday :)

Try both out at your nearest Happikiddo store.

Reviewed by Aqiellah Azman

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