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Accelerate your baby's motor skill development!

Did you know that tummy time helps your baby accelerate the development of his/her motor skills? Placing baby on the tummy encourages them to lift their heads, which

strengthens the head, neck and shoulder muscles! Also, it's practice for future milestones like rolling over and crawling!

It's important to allow your baby to do tummy time on a flat surface. For this purpose, we got this Babyfehn activity nest to place on the floor.

The plush sides are everything! Taika is always so cozy lying in the nest cause it's so soft and cushy. The arches can be easily clicked on and off. Once Taika is slightly older and can start grasping toys and tracking the toys with his eyes, we will utilize the arches so he can reach out and play with the toys himself to train his hand-eye coordination.

For the time being, since Taika is still too young to play with them on the arch, mummy and daddy syok sendiri, always incessantly wave the toys in front of his face to capture his

attention bahahahaha. It's great that the toys can be unhooked from the arch so we can bring these toys along with us to entertain Taika on car rides or even attach it to

his stroller.

Reviewed by Li May

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