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A ball pool at your own home? I see why not!

My sister and I used to bring Yusuf to an indoor playground on a monthly basis, but it got us thinking, why not kita belikan Yusuf a ball pool since that would be the first thing he ran to because he loves that so much!

Playgro Pop and Drop Activity Ball Gym makes a perfect gift and is the best alternative to have a ball pool at your own home. This easy-to-assemble ball gym has 4 activity stations at every corner for your little one to play with 30 colourful balls, what a bonus!

Nak kemas pon senang, ada internal mesh pockets for ball storage and can be easily folded away for convenient storage, kotkot lah ada long holiday trip and nak bawak for anak kan? Hehe.

So much benefits of playing and learning all at the same time, thank

you Happikiddo for an amazing product!

Reviewed by Sofiana Sopian

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