Due with her first baby in April, Nadya can't wait to embrace her journey into motherhood.

“There’s no right or wrong way to parent as long as it’s done with unconditional love and support”

Nadya Sani,
Stock Analyst
Ng Li May,
Finance Tech Manager

Jaja loves blogging about lifestyle, travel, food and now, baby! She's the proud mum of baby Juliana.

"I’m passionate about what I do and take pride in hunting down the best quality products for my baby”

Jovial mum-to-be Li May has a shining personality that generates smiles all around. She is expecting her firstborn in May 2019.

"My hope for

 my baby is that he will grow up to be a person who lives a fulfilling life and is grateful and understanding towards others"

Jaja Mahdzir,
Finance Manager
Mohammad Affiq, Event Planner

Fun dad to Maya and Mayla, Affiq enjoys documenting her daughters' growth and milestones.

"I'm at my best when I'm my daughters' father”

Mum to Adlea, Yohanis loves style and is always in search of life's little adventures.

“Love and honesty – two ingredients in growing us as parents and our child – together”

Putri Yohanis, Entrepreneur
Syazwani Sharom, Website Designer

Hands-on mum Syazwani has a keen eye for details and fancies creating all-things chic when she's not busy with her baby Umar.

"I aspire to encourage my children to always be brave in taking on challenges the world gives them"

Bike or baby? Both please! Biker dad Quisyaire and his little one Qaiser are like two peas in a pod.

“I would like my son to explore life to the fullest and be independent yet live with a wisdom of balance and respect of boundaries”

Mohamad Qusyaire,
IT Specialist
Nur Diana Syaqina,

Former accountant turned entrepreneur mum, multitasker Diana enjoys travelling as a family, totting along baby Rian. 

“Parenting is about guiding, nurturing and protecting our little ones to ultimately raise independent, unique individuals in the future”

Mum to Dylan, Sherryna sees beauty in simplicity and likes recording her experiences in motherhood and travel. 

“Showing affection to my baby is my way of making a positive impact to his childhood”

Nadia Najib,
Online Marketer
Sherryna Nadia,
Stay-at-home mum

 Nadia proves that with the right support and balance, one can have the best of both worlds in career and motherhood. She is the mum to Aqif. 

“I discipline and comfort. Firm when I need to be, sensitive when necessary”

Meet the warm and bubbly Sofiana and you'll get why her son Yusuf is such a smiley child.

“I love encouraging learning through fun and play, making sure to acknowledge his achievements with praises and compliments”

Sofiana Sopian,
Stylist turned Stay-at-home mum

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