HappiParent 2021 - Zue

Zue @zueedz

Homemaker & Mum of Anggun Elisa

The most precious gift this year is the little princess in my tummy. Can't wait to see her and embark on motherhood. I'm going to miss my pregnancy journey.




Another wishlist checked - anti-colic breastfeeding bottle and oral care items from MAM. Not only it's one of the best anti-colic bottles in 2020, it is also ideal for combining with breastfeeding. 

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No more baby blues. The Cocoonababy has helped me so much as a first-time mum. Anggun loves to sleep in it and does not cry as often as before.


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The Haenim NexusFit 7X is so efficient as it provides Mute function that allows mums to mute the pumping sound for silence. Lepas ni tak perlu risau dah pumping dlm gelap sebab ada lampu LED tau ! So mummy boleh pumping dengan tenang sambil si kecil sedang tidur.


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Kalau kitorang nak keluar pergi mana2 bawak Anggun mesti kitorang akan fikir 3 benda ni:

> If Anggun 💩nak tukar pampers kat mana? (toilet dekat takp) 
> If Anggun tertidur nak tidur kat mana?

> If Anggun nak stretching kat mana? (penat kena dukung)

Bila ada Bizzi Growin Pod Travel Bag, sumpah senang kan kitorang. No more rush nak balik. Anggun pun dah ada port baru yang selesa. Kitorang pun dapat dating dengan tenang.


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Anggun loves to play in her favourite activity gym. Everyday, she can spend around 30 to 40 minutes by doing her mini push-ups when lying on her tummy, hold her head steady and gaining upper body strength and sleeping too.
This Babyfehn 3D Activity Gym helps strengthen her grasping and reaching reflexes by encouraging her to reach for the rattles and learn visual understanding of what she is holding. 

Lockdown here but we are making the best out of it by taking every opportunity for a stroll in our new Bugaboo Ant, safely with social distancing of course. Easy to fold and unfold, compact and lightweight enough for me to bring Anggun out on my own. Can't wait to bring this for our next holiday, hopefully soon!


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Apa yang ada dengan SitSafe walker ni? Ada banyak tone colour yang boleh mengembangkan lagi minda si kecil ni bile keinginan untuk memegang salah satu toy yang ada tarikan tersendiri pada walker ni buatkan Anggun excited okay nak explore.

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Did you know that simply organic is not necessarily safe? The Vivaiodays products are certified COSMOS-Organic, dermatologist-tested and approved for sensitive skin.

Say goodbye to dry, dull and irritated skin with the Vivaioday skincare essentials. Anggun can use it, I can use it too. In fact, the Rescue Balm Gel can be used for nappy rash, cradle cap, chapped lips, eczema and for me, as a nursing balm. The No-Tears Wash & Shampoo can be used as a top-to-toe cleanser for baby and feminine wash for mummy. Try it, thank me later.

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Best baby tub ever! I wish I'd had it from the start. Finally no more back pain.

- Space saving in bathroom 
- So easy to assemble especially while heavily pregnant!
- Folds compactly and can be kept away TOGETHER with the stand
- Spacious enough for Anggun to use until at least 3 years old

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Sebelum nak pergi bercuti, kena make sure semua barang-barang Anggun cukup. Paling penting sekali kena bawa K-Mom Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitiser. Stain Remover for emergency stains and spots on shirts. Now these items are compulsory and must-have for all parents!

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