HappiParent 2021 - Whey Jinn

Whey Jinn @wheyjinn

Homemaker & Mum of Ashton

So many worries after becoming a mum. Being sleep deprived is expected yet the least of my worries as Ashton has brought so much happiness to us. As long as he is well and healthy, that's my priority.




I'm always on the lookout for good cleaning products for Ashton. And I'm definitely the type of person who goes for packaging, like the cute and fun K-Mom. But that's besides the point, because these are actually so effective & safe for babies.


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Loving the adorable animal print of Comfy Baby 6-piece Bedding Set and how I can mix it up between print and plain. The 100% jersey cotton material is also perfect for our hot weather.



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Ashton is so active all the time, we'll put him in the walker to play by himself for a bit. It gives us a bit of rest time & he can explore safely with the walker. He's been getting a lot of use out of this Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center. It's so versatile that it can stimulate both his gross and fine motor skills. He can walk, jump and push-along! What I love most is that the toys have development wonders!


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After 12 months, we finally got a flu rescue kit for Ashton. There are some days when he seems to have a temperature, and a generic digital thermometer just won't do.

The Lifeplus Baby Infrared Thermometer makes life a lot easier, with results in just 2 seconds. Anytime, anywhere. No probe, no contact. Together with the LifePlus Baby Nasal Aspirator, we can clear his blocked nose fast and easy, be it flu or just good ol' daily mucus.

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There are so many highchairs in the market but I am attracted to the Stokke Clikk because it's so lightweight. It's also travel-friendly as it's super easy to assemble and disassemble. It's necessary because we have been to restaurants where they either don't provide baby chairs or offer those that are too low / not hygienic / not comfortable.


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A papa bag for the papa! Diaper bags in the market are mostly very feminine so the Simple Dimple Hipster Keeper Papa Bag XL is perfect for dads. Additional compartments for daddy’s things. All in one bag! We got this, hoping for a holiday real soon.

There are plenty of compartments to keep everything organized and finding things will be a breeze, especially during emergency situations.

Ashton is so deprived of being able to go out of the house, so we just take him out on walks around the neighbourhood. But got to make sure the air is clean while he's out!

We got this Marcus & Marcus Portable Ionised Air Purifier for him which is ozone free. It uses a safe ionic purification technology that uses 20 million negative ions to remove PM2.5 particles and pollen from the air surrounding you. Adults, you can use this too! It is lightweight, rechargeable and portable with an adjustable necklace.

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Curious child always touches everything. So his mealtime is now made easy with this Beaba Silicone Suction Meal Set, which is functional AND good looking! They come in adorable mixes of colours and are made from superior quality silicone. BPA, Lead and Phtalate-free. Super safe for the little ones!

I’ve also gone through 3 water bottles for Ashton so far. They either leaked, had too many parts or just not so user friendly. But the Beaba Stainless Steel Straw Sippy Cup is a winner so far. It’s unbreakable thanks to the stainless steel body, its handles are also removable as Ashton grows with it. You’ll be getting your money’s worth!

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Found these healthy biscuits from Franjos Kitchen that are good for the little ones! Even I am enjoying them as a healthy alternative. They are organic, natural and vegan.

Ashton is always snacking throughout the day. These make the perfect snack for a trip out or a holiday! The box is also made functional - it can be turned into a bear AND a container to hold the biscuits.

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