HappiParent 2021 - Karen


Supply Chain Lead & Mum of Giselle, Lucas & Rafael

They say "blink and you'll miss it". But I didn't miss it. I was there to rock you to sleep and hold you close to me. I was there when rolled over and started crawling. Now you call me Mama every time you see me.




Our matching bags are from Princeton. The spacious interior has room to tote everything from snacks to spare outfits and the extra wide opening makes it easy to find essentials in a pinch. Everything stays in reach with elasticised interior pockets and insulated bottle pockets. 


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Steam steriliser is a one-time purchase as you can only use it for baby bottles. Whereas UV sterilisers can be used for a varity of items ranging from mobile phone to make-up brus, thus making it a long-term investment. When the kids get back from school, I also steriliser their school bags and contents. Haenim 4G Smart Classic UVC LED Steriliser is my choice.


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Then, Rafael was too young to know how to blow the mucus out. But luckily, we have the LifePlus Baby Nasal Aspirator. It allows mummy to clear baby’s nose simply, hygienically and effectively.

Another first aid kit must-have is the LifePlus Infrared Thermometer, designed to be used without making contact with baby, which means I can read temperature during sleep without waking up the little one.


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I’ll be honest and admit this stroller hasn’t been washed since Rafael was born. So that’s like almost 2 years worth of accumulated dirt and nasties. The last straw was when the canopy got badly stained by spilled motor grease. Cannot tahan anymore so off we go to Happikiddo Care Service Centre.

The professionals there dismantled the entire stroller and ensured that each part is cleaned thoroughly. I was amazed when it arrived as it looks so squeaky clean. As good as new!

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When it comes to choosing a straw cup/bottle for my toddler, I’m quite fussy. My experience told me that it must be:

✅ Easy to clean - Straws and spouts are a perfect place for gunk to build up and germs to grow. We’re absolutely loving Grosmimi Straw Bottle range that can be taken completely apart and can be washed and sterilized to avoid the possibility of mold.

✅ Free of harmful chemicals - Always go for PPSU as this is the type that is more durable and can withstand impact and exposure to heat. Worried about leaching from plastic? Then consider stainless steel.

✅ Leak-free - Grosmimi ‘+ cut’ straw design is simply brilliant. No leakage when it’s turned upside down so we don’t have to worry about spills and messes.


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While we might be adjusting to a new normal right now, one thing for sure, I can always count on our Bugaboo Fox2 to steer us to some fun and happier times.


With its excellent power steering feature, this stroller is the perfect companion for our daily adventures. Its large wheels are complemented with advanced central-joint suspension to create a comfortable ride for the little one (so comfy that he falls asleep in it numerous times!)


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Sharing the best bedtime routine for baby (and mummy!)

 1. A soothing bath. Warm water has sleep-inducing powers. We are using @Tanamera Kidz Shampoo and Body Wash, made from 100% natural ingredients non-irritating and non- drying, perfect for baby’s delicate skin

 2. Gentle massage - Research suggests that babies who get a rub-down before bedtime produce more of the hormone melatonin, which helps them sleep better. Tanamera Kidz Baby Full Body Massage Oil contains Organic Virgin Coconut which has anti microbial, anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties.

 3. Books. Settle down and read a favorite book in a quiet, calm voice.

 4. Music - A soft song or lullaby sets the stage for sleep.

 5. Create the right atmosphere - Dim the lights, close the curtains, put away the gadgets. Enjoy your favourite scent with an aromatherapy diffuser.

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A good balance bike helps young kids develop the coordination and confidence they’ll need to ride a pedal bike—things they won’t get with training wheels. The unique no-pedal design teaches young children balance on two wheels right from the start.

If you are looking to get one, the London Taxi Balance Bike is an excellent choice. Easy to assembly, comfy leather saddle, lightweight, mini-me-friendly with kid-narrow handlebars and toddler-size grips, and durable polymer tires that never need inflating. 
Young children are like sponges - they absorb so much and we need to make the most of that by providing stimulating learning toys.

This LeapFrog LeapBuilders set is a perfect example of a toy which is not only great fun to play with but also covers a range of early learning skills such as to recognise numbers, colours, animals, fruits and objects. It also encourages imaginative play.

The blocks included in this set enable children to listen to the sound/pronunciation of different numbers, colours, fruits and animals. Such a great opportunity to learn in a fun way!

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I love making poke bowl at home because it's a super healthy and easy meal to put together. All you need is protein (chicken, salmon etc.), rice, and your favourite veggies like bell pepper, corn, carrot, edamame and more.

For rice, we use the Little Baby Grains Medium Grain White Rice. Their selection of grains are amazing and all the products are natural and organic too.

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My little one loves snacking and I’m always on the look out for healthy snacks. Wel B freeze-dried fruits and yogurts melts are now his favourite!

They’re great to bring as lightweight snacks on long walks, road trips or any outings. So many choices - apple, peach, strawberry, sweet corn, apricot and banana. 

The packaging is just the right size, you can probably finish in one go or two, no worries it will be soften in our humid weather.

Halal, 100% all natural, no preservatives, no MSG. Little foodie-approved and mum-recommended! 

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