HappiParent 2021 - Huda

Huda @hudatasrin

Homemaker & Mum of Maya

I was the happiest when Maya was put on my chest. I forgot that I was sliced, cut, all those five days in the hospital. All those inductions, all those mental breakdowns. Everything was worth it.




As an on-the-go mum, I carry Maya wherever I go, so a stroller with full-sized features without the full-size convenience is a must! Maya sleeps peacefully in the Ergobaby Metro City stroller as the seat is quite spacious and although compact strollers are known for their small wheels, this one won my heart - the stroll is amazingly smooth.


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Maya has been using bottle since she was a newborn and I have been worried about the difficulty that we will face in switching her to a straw cup. Boy I was wrong. I introduced her to Grosmimi Straw Cup and she managed to use it in a snap! It's also spill and leak-free, and high heat resistance too.


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From a sleeping cot to a playard in a snap, the Akarana Baby Aroha II Playard is really convenient for a stay-at-home mommy like myself since Maya is currently in her “active phase” where I need to put her in her playard in order for me to get things done! So whenever we’re heading to our hometown or a vacation we can just bring this travel cot with us.


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Warm water everywhere! Very convenient & hygienic too, wherever I go I don’t have to worry about not packing “enough” warm water for Maya’s milk. With Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmer, I can charge it literally anywhere even in the car once the battery is out.


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