HappiParent 2021 - Ezureen

Ezureen @ezureennazri

Engineer & Mum of Aryan

It took my toddler almost one month baru tak geli rumput. Sekarang, pandai merajuk pulak. Kalau merajuk, terus sembam muka kt lantai. Kalau tengah mandi tu, muka pun selam dalam bathtub. Aku kan ikan.





Bringing his favourite bottle everywhere. I guess because of the super soft 'chewy' straw really suits to his liking. Also helps in dental & speech development. 


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Love that the Alobaby range is organic, made in Japan and completely safe for the whole family. The Hand Kirei Mist is our must-have when out and about. 


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For our home, we use the air sanitiser from Cleverin. Small, completely portable and doesn't require plug. I even bring it along to my office or when we dine out. Its ingredients works to eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria and dust mites. Win!


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Call it a bike, tricycle or anything you want. All I know is that the Parenting Mode of Doona Liki Trike is my life saviour! I can ‘drive’ him around the park and he can pretend to be ‘riding’ a bike.


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Ada satu benda je yg tak FUN bila playtime, KEMAS TOYS! Tapii, wait wait wait hehehe hari tu kat Happikiddo ada jumpa Play&Go storage mat. Betul2 life saviour! I would prefer this storage mat more than box. At least, I can bring anywhere as it is portable, tinggal hampar je and toys pun senang je bungkus balik after main! EASY


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Keeping the family (especially Aryan) in a clean environment is my utmost priority. With Covid cases on the rise everyday, we have been searching for an air purifier and discovered Blueair Blue 3210.


We love the efficiency of purifying the air every 12 minutes, sleek & modern design with matching prefilter fabric, compact and small yet powerful enough to eliminate germs, dust and odours. Super quiet and energy efficient too!


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What are your essentials before leaving the house? As for me, I can't live without these 2 best buddies - wet wipes & sanitiser. Been using the K-Mom wipes almost everyday to clean up Aryan’s hands and his mess. Thanks to the wide size, I just need 1 sheet to wipe off everything. Oh my, during his ‘throwing food’ phase just made me think back on how much I had spent on wet wipes.

And of course I do keep myself a pocket size K-Mom sanitiser & the gel type (big pump size) for the whole family usage. Both sanitisers are suitable for sensitive skins. K-mom products just know how to handle sensitive skin people as their products are mostly from organic ingredients. So great and been loving it so far. 

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Keeping Aryan occupied with lots of fun activities really cracked my head throughout this stay at home period while scrolling through Happikiddo online store, I've found this gem - Vtech Touch & Learn Activity Desk. 

- Interactive learning modules and songs - 4 different activities pages and arts section
- Chalkboard (really easy to wipe off using wet wipes only)
- Letter tracing
ALL checked in ONE! Phewww. And it comes with free stool too. Loving how it keeps him busy while educating him

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Sedap dia tak payah cakap lah, memang crunchy and tasty!  The Franjos Kitchen Kinder Biscuits are 100% made from natural food and the best part is, it is perfect for vegans and those with lactose intolerance too! And you can make a paper character from the box, so don't throw it away, okay? It is called Benjamin Bear!

- Suitable for 12mo above
- Made in Australia
 - 2 flavours (cocoa with chia seed, vanilla with chia seed)
- Organic and vegan

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