HappiParent 2021 - Aynal

Aynal @nalmaryam

Real Estate Manager & Mum-To-Be

First trimester was the hardest for me but second and third trimesters were much more enjoyable. I can't wait to have my baby in my arms!




The surface and angle of this baby nest is designed to reduced Moro Reflex - reflex baby terkejut due to loud noises, lights and movements. Mummy pun boleh rehat peacefully.


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Some nights, both me and hubs are too tired to function. Nak dukung to calm the baby pun mummy baba berdiri pun tak stable. Thankfully we have this Mamaroo to help us calm and put our baby to deep sleep.


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Of all the many features, the main reason I love this Comotomo bottle is the teat! It’s so soft, designed to latch & the flow is just nice tak banyak leak. Baby pun tak gassy after milking session. 



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Bathtime but make it Fun! Thanks to Rotho bathtub, bathing a newborn is no longer an issue for me due to its safe & comfortable features :⁣

✔️ Newborn Support⁣
✔️ Adjustable Stand⁣
✔️ Featured Drain Plug⁣
✔️ Integrated Soap Compartment ⁣
✔️ Stand with Towel Rail⁣

Just to name a few! ⁣


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