HappiParent 2021 - Aynal

Aynal @nalmaryam

Real Estate Manager & Mum-To-Be

First trimester was the hardest for me but second and third trimesters were much more enjoyable. I can't wait to have my baby in my arms!




The surface and angle of this baby nest is designed to reduced Moro Reflex - reflex baby terkejut due to loud noises, lights and movements. Mummy pun boleh rehat peacefully.


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Some nights, both me and hubs are too tired to function. Nak dukung to calm the baby pun mummy baba berdiri pun tak stable. Thankfully we have this Mamaroo to help us calm and put our baby to deep sleep.


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Of all the many features, the main reason I love this Comotomo bottle is the teat! It’s so soft, designed to latch & the flow is just nice tak banyak leak. Baby pun tak gassy after milking session. 



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Bathtime but make it Fun! Thanks to Rotho bathtub, bathing a newborn is no longer an issue for me due to its safe & comfortable features :⁣

✔️ Newborn Support⁣
✔️ Adjustable Stand⁣
✔️ Featured Drain Plug⁣
✔️ Integrated Soap Compartment ⁣
✔️ Stand with Towel Rail⁣

Just to name a few! ⁣


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After giving birth, I experienced continuous back pain and it affected my daily tasks such as performing prayers and sitting down at work. Good thing I came across the Candide Multirelax 3-in-1 Maternity Pillow. 

Most of the time, I use this to give me support when nursing my baby as it provides comfort while nursing, settling Yasmin at the perfect height and relieving pressure on my back. It can also be used as a baby nest to rest my baby. Since she's beginning to roll over. the adjustable safety buckle comes handy to secure Yasmin in place.


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For me, it's important that the breastpump fits my fast paced lifestyle. I have been eyeing this Spectra Dual Compact and am lucky to be among the first to own it. I highly recommend this pump because:

- Its suction is gentle but powerful enough to empty the breasts
- It draws out and collects more milk in shorter time
- Heavy duty, a fully charged pump can last more than 8 sessions of 20-25 minutes each
- My favourite feature is: each side's suction strength can be adjusted. Most pumps can't do that

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Yasmin likes her milk warm. She's 100% on expressed breastmilk now. To minimise milk wastage that's left outside in the AC room, we use the Beaba Bib Second Warmer.

When I am working from home, I will place it in the kitchen and sometimes bring it into our room for night time reheat. Besides being a warmer, it can also be used to sterilise bottle, pacifier and teether.

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Yasmin will be turning 6 months in a week. She’s now actively exploring things & able to self entertain.

Since her back is already strong, we got her this Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud 3-Stage Activity Centre. Barang baby can be expensive but this is a great investment because the features enables Yasmin to use this sampai dia toddler because:
STAGE 1 : Sit Swivel, bounce & play
STAGE 2 : Cruise & interact
STAGE 3 : Converts to play table
Other features :
🔹 Seat boleh rotate 360 degrees to explore& play with the toys
🔹Comes with 4 clip toys + piano
🔹Adjustable foot support
🔹Includes snack bowl
This activity center comes handy since Yasmin pun dah start to eat, so we use this as her eating station. 

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