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Business Analyst/Software Developer & Dad of Waizz

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Pernah terfikir tak that you expose too much phone and gadgets to your child? But lucky enough I found a way to control this using Leapfrog 2-in-1 Touch & Learn Tablet, and Leapfrog 100 Words About Places I Go. Instead of giving him our phone, we let him use this educational tablet at home. There are many benefits with having this, such as help develop children's early literacy skills and language development, and most of all, he loves them! 


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The pandemic is not yet over and the least we can do for our family is to keep them safe as much as possible! Lucky we have this Airfree BabyAir 80 that is TESTED AND CERTIFIED TO BE EFFECTIVE IN DESTROYING COVID-19 VIRUS. Haaa! Wow kann...

It is also patented with Thermodynamic TSS Technology that is able to destroy mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, tobacco and other organic allergens. Just what we need as we all suffer from sinuses. These days, no more non-stop sneezing early in the morning anymore. A much better start of theday for us.

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Sturdy, comfortable, safe and the height is just nice with our dining table. Of course the most important thing is, Waizz loves it so much. We can now eat together without worrying much. Easy to assemble, just few clicks and you are done! Another bonus point is the colour suits the theme of our house. Scandinavian love!

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