Aliah @aliahshar

Dentist & Mum of Nik Mika Hamza

I would do it all over again for you without a second of doubt. Thank you for making me an Ibu.




One that promotes closeness. We love bringing Mika for his morning strolls.
Nature is the perfect sensory experience! So glad we found the perfect carrier to accommodate our routine. Comfort and hip healthy - these are my top two qualities for a good carrier. The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One 3D Mesh has a cooling mesh fabric perfect for our summer weather and requires no infant insert so you can use it instantly at no additional price. We tried this out at Happikiddo and instantly fell in love with it. 


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hands down one of our favourite baby products yet. The Babybjorn Bouncer 3D Jersey allows Mika to lounge and bond. No electricity required, it’s fuelled by Mika’s fun kicks. Here’s a hack - it’s so lightweight you can bring it all over the house (includes your shower trips 😝) and for travelling too. Also, can we all please appreciate how aesthetically pleasing it is. 


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Heading back to work soon. Mika is 100% fully breastfed and I'm so nervous to go on this pumping + bottle journey. Thankfully, he accepted the Comotomo at first try and managed to direct latch afterwards too. Breastfeeding in a bottle indeed.


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An essential for every household - a thermometer. The LifePlus Baby‘s thermometer has an infrared measuring - so there’s no need for contact and it’s non invasive! I especially love this feature because I can use it on Mika even when he’s sleeping. Quick reading and easy to understand - green means you’re good to go and red when you’re down with a fever. 
Get a good thermometer. They’re an investment piece. A degree means everything especially during this pandemic times! 

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People often ask me what milk booster works for me; here it is. Two to three pieces of Moms Munch cookies with a touch of date milk and I’m good to go. They’re not only delicious (yes I have to rebut them with my husband), but they’re an amazing alternative to snacking - a healthy one too! I They work for me, my yield increases every time I eat them. I even had to stop eating these during my maternity leave days because I got engorged.

I really urge anyone who have trouble yielding to try these out and see if it works for you. And even if they don’t - they taste amazing so feel free to munch on these with no guilt in hand. 

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When you’re a mother - you want functionality over anything the most. You want things to be easy, fast and durable. Bugaboo Stardust Portacot immediately took a special place in our heart with all of the mentioned qualities and it’s aesthetically pleasing too!

Mika has naps in it and playtime too! 

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I have multiple air purifiers and most of them are bulky and requires routine maintenance (and noisy too!). I love the Airfree Babyair 40 the best because it not only serve its purpose to protect my family but is also completely silent, and does not require maintenance/filters.

Not to mention both me and my husband are allergic to dust! So to have the Babyair 40 is a boon!

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Each time somebody asked me what is your unexpected essential item - I’ll brag it, UV steriliser! I throw in everything in there; bottles, toys, keys, wallet, food utensils and basically anything that fits. It dries and sterilises while I go cuddle with Mika and even acts as storage. I love our Tommee Tippee UV Steriliser & Dryer.

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