HappiParent 2021 - Aina

Aina @ainaghazali

Self-Employed & Mum to Samuel & Khayla

Still haven't lost the 10kg of my pregnancy weight and I'm fine with it. No one should tell me otherwise too. As losing weight is not my priority now, keeping my sanity intact definitely is.



My milk supply has suddenly dropped maybe because I was exhausted from cleaning our post-flood home. Glad that I had the Lactomomma lactation cookies. Tapi tu lah tiap kali cookies nak masuk mulut ada je tangan kecik yang nak capai sekali. She also likes it; it's 100% Halal with carefully lactogenic ingredients to help lactating mums increase the quantity and quality of mum's breastmilk. 


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Some tips and criteria I have learned about babywearing:

- Close enough to kiss
- Legs form an "M" position
- Arms should be inside/outside of carrier
- Comfortable material and supported back like the lumbar support available in the Lillebaby Serenity Airflow Multi-Position Baby Carrier I'm using

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We had a good jog sesh at the beach earlier this morning. Glad that we brought along the Mutsy Nio stroller. Love the suspension and the stability! Samuel kemain syok layan angin lepas tu tidur nasib baik stroller boleh recline flat terus so takde la mummy risau dia tak selesa ke apa kan. Such a life savior!


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Keeping Samuel busy with the Tiny Love 4-in-1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Centre. It can be used as a stationary activity centre, push along, jumper, or walker. The seat is also 360 degree rotatable with 6 developmental toys and more than 28 activities.

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Loving the Bubs Organic baby food range. From baby puree and snacks and toddler's formula milk, they are all organic, GMO-free, halal-certified with no artificial additives. 


I love how I can also actually customise many recipes using the range, like making pudding, muffin/cupcakes and smoothies too. 


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I believe every parent would want the best for our children and the best doesn't have to be perfect. As for me, cukup lah bila laundry is all sorted, toys are all sanitized. I got them all covered with B&B detergent, stain remover and disinfectant spray, and even sekecil benda as tooth tissue pon from B&B. It’s hypoallergenic and infant-safe as it is made with natural ingredients and free from harmful substances. 

It is Korea’s number #1 baby laundry and household brand and has been awarded as "Best Brand" by Forbes consumer's choice for two consecutive years! I would say one of the best of the best brands of baby products that I have used so far and honestly I’ve been using this brand for so long dari anak first lagi. This mom of two definitely approves this ❤️

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Let’s make ordinary routine EXTRAORDINARY! Studies have shown that electric toothbrush cleans teeth much better, giving healthier gums, less tooth decay and stronger teeth.

This 5-piece Marcus & Marcus Premium Oral Care Set makes oral hygiene fun as it's loaded with 3 fun animated games to encourage 2 minutes brushing. Its bristles are extra soft and great for little teeth. Also, the toothbrush vibrates every 30 seconds to indicate that it's time to brush another part of your mouth. Winner!

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Teaching ‘em young with this Infunbebe Kitchen Sink Playset.

I think Khayla enjoys it as the water keeps flowing. Bawah sink tu ada second tub that holds the water and ada mark siap untuk letak level air paras mana so takde la air melimpah keluar. It comes with a complete set of utensils, cups, plates and a drying rack and also dishwashing liquid (not real though, but mimics like a real one!).

Guess I’m just obsessed with it just as much as Khayla did. 
Samuel is practically with the Skip Hop Sort & Spin Yeti every single day. Yeti, nama manja Yetttt. Legit the most awesome sort and spin toy.

Mummy pun amaze juga dengan benda ni sebab dari Samuel blur taktahu apa-apa at first sampai boleh sort the shape by himself now. Dia macam encourage two-way communication juga especially if you’re having a toddler at home. This Yeti even applauses for them. Biasalah bebudak kan suka kita puji diorang so they’ll feel encouraged to learn and show off their skills better.

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