Happiparent 2021 - Adlinn

Adlinn @adlynndiyana

Accountant & Mum of Ezra

I've learnt so much from being a new mother (there's still so much to learn!) and learnt to appreciate mothers better. Motherhood is scary and tiring but it's crazy beautiful.




With the current pandemic, home spa is the way to go now, no? My personal favourite is the Tanamera Kidz Shampoo + Body Wash that comes with a pleasant citrusy smell. Plus who doesn't like 2 in 1s. Its line of essential oils and aroma stone also serves as a great "diffuser" when travelling.


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My new breast friend! Loving how there are so many suction levels and expression rhythms to adjust from in the Hegen PCTO Double Electric Breastpump. The lightweight design and minimal noise are also a plus point for travelling and when pumping outside home.


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Current favourite hand mist from Alobaby. It works like a hand sanitiser to kill germs too. Alcohol-free, purely made in Japan with natural and and organic ingredients. 


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In case you didn’t know, Cleverin has come up with a portable air sanitiser and a stick pen that help you to decontaminate airborne viruses and bacteria. And what’s great is, it's so lightweight and easily carried that you can bring it anywhere with you too!


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Oh, you know. Just... one of those days of parading around with the ultra compact, lightweight and smooth-strolling stroller from Bugaboo Ant. Also, officially our current favourite stroller, no kidding!


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With this wand-like portable and foldable UV Med Hailey Pro handheld UV steriliser, you get to live in a worry-free, germs-free life. It has 16 UVC LED beads that are built in to eliminate germs, bacteria, mites and viruses. Easily rechargeable and also has a wide coverage that leads to a high efficiency. I personally love how foldable and portable this steriliser is. Simply fold it, chuck it in my handbag and I'm good to go.


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Father's Day is coming, guys! I got my husband the Simple Dimple Hipster Keeper Papa Bag XL, perfect for dads as it's hip enough and true to its name, have lots of compartments.
Another day, another “pandemic toy”!

Trying out this lightweight Airfree T40 air purifier. Especially love how silent it is yet it can reduce indoor harmful ozone levels effectively. Specially great for those with asthmas or allergy sufferers. It’s so small and portable too. And oh, they’re also tested to and certified to be effective in destroying Covid-19 viruses, no kidding! 
I’ve been recently secretly hooked on all these “Home Edits” / home organising thingamajigs. And I just love how I can safely combine my love for home organising with something that Ezra can use too.

So with Hegen, instead of only using it as a milk storage bottle, I can also use them as containers to keep all sorts of food and drinks too as they also have a drinking lid! Especially loving the “Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open (PCTO)” feature and it’s also easy to clean and store. They’re also lightweight as you can see how I even enjoy bringing them out for a little home picnic.

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A day out in the park for some fresh air, family time and also to try out our newly “adopted” Scoot & Ride Highwaykick 1!

You can see how strong and sturdy it is as it can withhold up to 50kg of weight! Also loving how it can convert from ride to scooter so easily, so it can be used for years from 1 to 5 years of age.

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